1. Oktober 2015

Stepping Motor Controller

Intelligente Schrittmotor Steuerung

SMST, multiple applications in one

  • Your Partner for individual Programmable Motor Controllers.
  • Single orders are possible, series-production preferable.
  • Motor controller for 2 Stepping motors with up to 256 Micro-steps.
  • Energie efficient operation due to a extremely low internal switching resistance (Rds-on).
  • Simple individual parametrisation over an interactive Interface.
  • Configurable mixture of motor types possible, DC and Stepping motor with completely different voltages.
  • Control systems for Industry, Office, Home, Sport-applications.
  • Can be used together with a photovoltaic system for tracking the exact position of the sun. The alignment of the panels results from a 2 axle real-time controller.
  • Milling machines, Robotics, Metering and mixing units, etc.
  • Configurable hardware, from very simple to very complex.

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Technical specifications:

  • Compact size: 100x100x15mm
  • Output voltage: 5,5V – 28V
  • Output current: 0A – 43A
  • Output power: 1W – 1,2KW
  • Man-machine communications: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, UART, Radio-control (ISM-Band)
  • Upgradable: CAN, LIN, and other protocols
  • 5 digital Inputs/Outputs
  • Micro-step resolution: 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
  • Cascadable, up to 256 controllers in 1 UART Network
  • Motor current monitoiring
  • Supply voltage monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
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